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Daikon Radish Pickle

Daikon Radish Pickle

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About Daikon Radish Pickles

Daikon Radish is a type of Asian radish, and Daikon Radish Pickle is a very popular Korean dish typically eaten with Korean Fried Chicken (KFC). It works like a refreshing palette cleanser for when you are eating fried chicken, which means it pairs well with any dish that is fatty, oily, savory or rich.    


About K-Mama Pickles

- Fermented - So it's good for your gut health

- Easy-to-eat sweet & sour style pickles

- Not heat treated - So it retains the crunchiness of the vegetable

- Easy side dishes that complements any dish - Works like a palette cleanser 




How to eat?

  • As a side dish to savory foods like pizza, pasta, steak, sandwiches, fried chicken, etc.
  • Top them on burgers or tacos
  • Toss them in salads
  • Add to your next charcuterie board


How long do K-Mama Pickles last?

Keep refrigerated. Our pickles are good for over a month, but tastes best within 2-3 weeks. Even after 3 weeks, they don't go bad, they just continue to ferment and change in flavor. But, the more it ferments the better for your gut health! 

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